Ready for a Business Makeover?

Ellen Rohr, The Plumbers Wife Turned Business Makeover Expert
You started your business for more money and freedom. Now, there’s too much to do for too little to show for it. Frustrating, isn’t it?

You can fix it. You’ve come to the right place.  I’m Ellen Rohr, The Plumber’s Wife turned Business Makeover Expert.  I’ve got LOADS of experience starting, fixing and growing extraordinary businesses.  Here’s how we do it…

Clean Up Your Financials!  If you figure out your asset from your elbow, keep score and price right, you will manufacture profits and cash!

Put a Simple Business Plan Together.  Focus your intention and create a simple, powerful plan for reaching goals.  Get your team on the same page…and you are off on a profitable adventure!

Our Mission…helping you find freedom – financial freedom, lifestyle freedom – in a functional, profitable business!   Let’s makeover your business!

Glossary of Accounting Terms

Confused? At a loss when talking to your accountant? Learn the bling lingo! Download a FREE glossary and keep it handy as you work with your professional money managers and expand your financial literacy!

Learn the Bling Lingo!

Download my Free Glossary of Accounting Terms


The Mini Budget

This is tool will help you put together a simple budget to help you keep track of the money!



Keep Track of the Money

Download a free mini budget here!


The Pricing Worksheet

How much do you charge for an hour of your life? We attach a price tag to ourselves every day. For our knowledge, experience, physical and technical skills. So, what are YOU worth?

How Much Should You Charge?

Download my FREE Pricing Worksheet!


3 Surprising Things That TOP Entrepreneurs Do Differently

I get all fired up reading about cool, inspiring people who live interesting lives and create profitable businesses.  We hear a lot about their hard work.  But I’m not buying it.  Here’s what I’ve noticed they do instead…
1. They don’t work that hard.
Super successful entrepreneurs work less hard than […]

How Much Business Help is Right for You?

Every day, I get lots of email invitations from all kinds of business experts.  They promise inspiration and ways to help me make more money.  Do you get them, too?  Some of the invitations in your inbox are probably from me!  I believe in offering […]