The Bare Bones Biz Plan

A simple, powerful six-week plan for creating the business of your dreams!

Bare Bones Biz PlanBuild your best business. One that only YOU can build, reflecting your unique gifts, talents, dreams and ambitions. The Bare Bones Biz Plan will show you how!

In this book, I suggest taking six weeks to build your business plan…and assemble your Biz Plan Binder. Focus on each component of your business for one week…and at the end of six weeks you will have a rock solid, yet flexible and dynamic, business plan. Your Biz Plan Binder will guide you and drive you to implementing the plan…and creating your dream business.

Edition: Softcover Book

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The Bare Bones Biz Plan – Ebook Edition

Take this book with you anywhere. Once purchased, you will be able to download this book immediately to print, take with you on a mobile device or read on your computer.

Edition: Adobe PDF

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The Bare Bones Biz Plan – Audiobook

Take The Bare Bones Biz Plan with you wherever you go. The BBBP audiobook is in MP3 format and divided into each section of the BBBP, so you can listen to any step at any time!

Edition: MP3 audio files

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The Bare Bones Biz Plan Suite

Get the softcover book, the eBook and the Audio Companion at a great price!

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  • MP3 Audiobook
  • Softcover book shipped within 7 days.

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