Mon Sep. 28th

Time To Hire Your First Employee?

Ready to go…UN-solo?  Perhaps you’ve been thinking about adding a new team member.  Maybe your first?  It can be a bit UN-nerving!
Once upon a time, I hired phenomenal Shauna, and committed to TWO hours…a month! If you want to grow your company, or buy a bit of time off, bringing on a team member can be a great […]

Wed Sep. 23rd

You Can UN-Do Your Business…and Do Something Else

Years ago, when I first started with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, John Nicholson asked if he could become a franchisee.

I said, “No!  You only do new construction work.  This is a conversion service franchise.  That means, you need to do service work with at least two truck to be eligible.”

Two months later he called me, “Ellen, I stopped […]

Tue Sep. 15th

UN-Learning Bad Business Habits

Every day, you walk into the office, and have a little routine.  Maybe you put your jacket there and your coffee cup there. Perhaps you click on email or check voice messages. Perhaps you spend the next 45 minutes on Facebook?  

That may be a bad business habit for you. Working with clients, most of them […]

Tue Sep. 8th

The UN-Constipated Business

A friend and client of mine reminded me about this video.  I recorded it a few (many?) years ago and my friend, Jack, told me he watches this video several times a week.  A WEEK?  Wow.  I’m honored to have made that kind of impression on him.  It’s called “How To Make Running Your Business […]

Tue Sep. 1st

What I Wish I’d Learned Sooner About Money

I graduated at the top of my class with a degree in Business Administration.  I took Accounting 101 and 102 and got “A”s in both.  My professors drilled this into my head:  “Find a good accountant.”

Alas.  That was a disastrously incomplete  lesson.

What I wish I’d learned sooner: My money is my responsibility.  If it’s my money, it’s my job […]