MonJun. 22nd

Biz Tip #28: Be UNusually Happy

Did you see this video yet?  Click below for a recap of Gary Vaynerchuk’s life, in a 2 minute clip.  The guy gets a LOT done in a day.  He doesn’t sleep a lot and he moves, and talks, at warp speed.  His day may not appeal to you, but here’s the kicker:  He is happy.

Joy is dripping off […]

ThuJun. 11th

Want to Win? Gotta Enter!

Once upon a time, Leroy died, went to heaven and had a meeting with the big guy.

“God, I have just one question for you,” said Leroy.  “All I ever wanted was to win the lottery.  I asked, I prayed, every day.  I never won. Why wouldn’t you grant my only request?”

To which God replied, “Leroy, you gotta […]

FriJun. 5th

Social Security Doesn’t Stink!

OK, I felt pretty OLD shuffling into a free seminar on Social Security benefits.  Hot Rod twisted my arm to attend.  “We should know what we are entitled to,” he nudged.

“If we get anything, it will be the cherry on top,” I insisted.  Long ago I gave up on any hope that Social Security would […]

ThuMay. 14th

How I got UNstuck today…

I’m in the process of overhauling our online content, our website and how we communicate with you. I am super excited about it. We are creating video and streamlining content and business tools. You are going to get the best of my best. I can’t wait to share it with you!

But today it got a […]

ThuMay. 7th

Small Business Week Tip: Delight in the Delay

Greetings, Dear Business Owner!

One of the great things about business is the travel. You get to see the world when you visit your clients. So, no more whining. Jet travel, even with the occasional delay, beats covered wagons and wooden ships. Here are a few tips for embracing business travel…