Ready to Go Paperless?

Team Zoooooom!  You get a tablet!  You get a tablet!  At Zoom, now every team member has a tablet.  On it:  The Operations Manual.  The Price Book.  How To Videos.  Invoicing and Payment Collection.  The Top Projects Lists and updates.  The Scorecards.  Testimonials and Job Evidence Manuals.  Access to the internet, videos, Google apps, email, texting…whatever they need to solve problems and serve customers. Continue reading

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Is Your Business Planted in Abundance or Poverty?

Watermelon_140817Consider that only one watermelon seed is required to propagate the watermelon family.

However because stuff happens, I planted 6 watermelon seeds. Two seeds produced plants strong enough to bear fruit. And each of the dozen watermelons is full of hundreds of seeds because even God knows that stuff happens. The universe is designed with abundance. There is plenty to go around and enough for all. Not every plant or every idea bears fruit, but there are plenty of other things to eat and dream. Continue reading

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Why Women Make 77% of What Men Make

Allied_140809No more secrets.  Owner Susan at Allied Plumbing & Heating has created transparent pay levels for the Techs and they appreciate the honesty and clarity.  Now, they know what they need to do to move up the ladder. Pretty cool! (And, nice pic of the two of us on Ride Along Day last week!)

I’ve been playing with this idea for the last 20 years.  The sealed envelope thing has permitted a lot of unfair play. What is the big secret? As an employee, everywhere I have ever worked, we knew what others made, even if it wasn’t fair and wasn’t openly discussed. It dawned on me that women wouldn’t be making 77% of what men make doing the same jobs if the salary and wage scales were transparent. I was deeply influenced by Jack Stack’s books The Great Game of Business and A Stake in the Outcome, too.  What if we just got REAL about the compensation and bonus opportunities? Continue reading

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Dumb Systems Torture Team Members

Do Not DisturbI travel a lot.  I appreciate when the hotel staff does a great job of making me comfortable.  Sometimes I don’t need a lot of care, so I will place the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door.  Recently, after having done so, I hopped in the shower.  At which point someone started knocking on my hotel room door.  They didn’t stop until I got out of the  shower, put on the hotel robe, and answered the door.

It was the housekeeper.  “Would you like me to make up your room?”

“No.  That’s why I put the sign on the door.”

She replied, “I’m sorry, but I am required to get your signature, to prove that you don’t need my help.”

So I signed her clipboard.  But here’s the deal.  That wasn’t her dumb idea.  That was her boss’ dumb idea.  And it says a lot about the boss and the culture of their company.  Like… Continue reading

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Are Your Employee Wages Top Secret?

Zoom_training_140722Here’s a snippet from a recent conversation with a plumbing contractor…

“If Bob knew what Steve was making per hour he would quit on the spot.  But I had to pay Steve a premium to get him to come work for us.  What else can I do?  It’s so hard to find good people.”

And it’s even harder to keep them if you are keeping secrets.  The problem is bigger than “finding out” what someone else makes.  Let’s consider a different approach.  What if everyone knew what everyone else was paid?  What if you created a transparent career path and helped the people on your team develop personally and professionally?  What if you created an honorable game and gave team members a reason to believe in you and your mission? Continue reading

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From Business Plan…to a great JOB!

Our Mission is all about Freedom!  Financial freedom, lifestyle freedom.  Honorable, profitable business expands peace and freedom across the planet.  That’s why we do what we do at Continue reading

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Sales Tip: Don’t Let Your Customer Make a Bad Decision

Don't let them make a bad decision!The other day my 20 year old dishwasher died.  Alas.  So, I went to a big box appliance store.   I asked to see some dishwashers and a nice young man escorted me to a row of them.  From left to right, the most expensive to the cheapest were lined up.

I barely cook.  It’s just me and Hotrod at home.  I usually wash each dish before I put it in the dishwasher.  I was pretty sure I would be easily pleased with whatever decision I made.  Of course, I was in a hurry.  This is how I made my decision:  I counted 2 from the right and pointed at the 3rd cheapest dishwasher. Continue reading

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Time Management Strategies with Kenny Chapman

Ellen and Kenny Chapman When I meet with a client, I ask them to, “Tell me what your life would be like if all your dreams came true.”  Often the response includes, “I want my business to run without me. I want to give my employees a chance to grow and move up the ladder.”

Kenny Chapman, of Peterson Plumbing in Grand Junction, CO, is living that dream.  Kenny travels the world, while his amazing crew in Colorado makes customers happy and grows the business.  Kenny has figured out how to leverage time, and shares his success skills with his team, and with business owners all over the world.

While I know a thing or two about packing in a full life, I admire Kenny’s ability to balance work, play and purpose…and still have time left over to take a call or share a funny story.  So, I asked Kenny to co-host my next Online Workshop – Time Management Strategies.

And the first thing Kenny told me, “Time management is a myth…  Continue reading

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Great Business Gift Ideas

Bring a GiftManners promote peace, friendship…and sales! Growing up, my sisters and brother and I were fortunate to have a mother who taught us good manners.  Yai Yai gave us a rule that if you are going to visit someone, you should bring a gift.

Bringing a gift is a lovely way to break the ice with new friends and it’s a gesture of respect and gratitude to old friends. Spiritual author Deepak Chopra says, “It doesn’t have to be a material gift.  You can bring a flower or a note.  You can bring a prayer.”  Be creative and mix things up.  Neat!

In my latest clip from The Wells Fargo Works Project, Deundra and James Hundon of Universal Martial Arts Academy get some cool new promotional items with their logo. Then they engage Yai Yai’s tip as they reach out to their community. Continue reading

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Build Your Business Roster

The Organizational ChartI’ve had about 100 jobs. Yet I can count on one hand the number of times I have shown up on my first day of work and known who my boss was and what my position in the company was. The Organizational Chart is a graphic description of those two things.

#1 It is the roster for your company. Super helpful. And you can then springboard from the Org Chart to Position Descriptions. Create a short bulleted list of responsibilities for each Position. For example: for the Bookkeeper Position, list…

  • Enter invoices
  • Apply customer payments
  • Enter bills… Etc. Keep the list objective and behavioral.

Continue reading

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