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Hi! I am Shauna, Ellen’s “Right Hand Person.” I am in charge of connecting Ellen with organizations, businesses and trades people who are looking for a powerful, inspiring and content-filled presentation for their team, members and clients.  Ellen has traveled all over the world talking about Business as UNusual and is always a smash hit!

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Testimonials from Organizations who have hired Ellen!


I would like to offer my recommendation of Ellen Rohr as a speaker at an event. I recently engaged her services for a national educational event and contracted with her to be my lead off speaker.

She presented in an excellent manner, earned rave reviews from our attendees and did the job that I requested with poise and professionalism. She worked with me prior to the event by providing promotional videos to assist in the promotion and also went as far as adding our information to her own outreach efforts in an effort to make our event successful.

As a professional presenter myself I demand a level of professionalism from any I engage the services of. Ellen delivered to me on all fronts, doing the research to understand the needs of our clients and she presented the information I needed in a way that had a tremendous impact on our attendees.

I highly recommend Ellen for your consideration for your event, I would certainly consider her a person I would engage the services of in the future and I look forward to networking with her further. I consider her a member of the CVC Dream Team!

Jerry Isenhour
CVC Coaching


Here are some comments from the attendees at the Recent Pumper & Cleaner Profit Series Event…

“Ellen Rohr “ROCKS” – Would definitely do another seminar with Ellen”

“Very Engaging! She is a great Speaker!”

“I absolutely love Ellen!!”

“Ellen has a lot of energy & engaging it.”

“Ellen was a fantastic speaker. She was personable and effective. I believe I’ve learned more from her today than in the last 3 years of seminars.”

“Amazing and very uplifting. Great one on one with everyone in the room.”

“Ellen Rohr – Smart, informative, knowledgeable, warm, friendly & inviting.”

“I enjoyed how Ellen kept it up beat, never boring!”

“I will recommend to other contractors that have trouble charging.”

Pumper & Cleaner Profit Series Attendees


I was lucky enough to hear Ellen Rohr speak at the CVC Summit this past April. Wow! She is something. A tremendous amount of energy and business best practices in a short time. I would gladly pay to hear her speak again and would highly recommend her to other business owners or sales people.

Chuck Hall
Winston's Chimney, Heating & Air


It was a sincere pleasure to have Ellen Rohr speak at our “Good Afternoon Ozark” Chamber Luncheon, she was truly an engaging and dynamic facilitator! Our 120 guests truly enjoyed her presentation on “No Arguments Management” and “Reward the Right Stuff”- Each attendee in the room walked away with an arsenal of positive measures to use in managing personnel.
Ms. Rohr has an outstanding program and presence, sharing her personal experiences with business successes and failures allowed our audience to relate with her on a very comfortable level . The variety of topics available and the proven concepts are an asset to our organization, whose main mission is to promote local businesses, engage entrepreneurial success, and to create local jobs and consumer interest in all the services and products available at our front door here in Ozark. Ellen Rohr is a true inspiration and an active motivator, we look forward to having her as our guest speaker again this fall.

Sabrina S. Bonnette
Ozark Chamber of Commerce


Ellen lights up every training session with her presentation style that is both humorous and professional. We really valued how she incorporated her real-life experiences to make each session unique and relevant for customers so that they could relate and soak in all of the information that was presented. Plus, her super-thinking exercise helped attendees brainstorm ideas that anyone could take back to their business and put to work. We are definitely looking forward to working with Ellen again!

Tom Rosendahl
Dakota Supply Group


We just completed our Tri-State tour with Ellen for the second year, and we couldn’t be happier. She has imparted a tremendous amount of information in a short period of time, and her knowledge of the industry has proven to be a valuable resource to DSG and our customers. Her energy and positive attitude are contagious, and we appreciate her ability to actively engage our customers in conversations and illicit participation. On a more personal note, Ellen has proven herself to be as much of a life coach as a business coach to some of our customers, and that is to be commended.

Arne Breikjern
Dakota Supply Group


Ellen Rohr was a delight! She was entertaining and informative and had so much great information to share in all too brief of a time, that several of us were thinking of kidnapping her and not letting her go for a week or two. We really enjoyed her and highly recommend Ellen Rohr to bring life to your conference. No dry boring stuff here.

JoAnn R. Forrester
Greater Pittsburgh NAWBO


Dakota Supply Group


"Ellen spoke at our National Congress in JCI Denmark on entrepreneurship and creating a business plan. She's an absolutely joy to work with and she inspired our members with her business startup knowledge but also with her kick ass attitude! She delivered a message that will resonate with a lot of our members for a long time."

Rasmus Lindgren
JCI Wonderful Copenhagen


"I know that everyone enjoyed meeting you and hearing your presentation...you are such a warm and friendly person and I can honestly say my husband thought you were terrific! (And, he is not easily impressed)."

"Thanks for coming to our convention and doing such a great job! I hope to see you again in the future!"

Dorothy Reddy
Executive Director NYSPHCC


"Ellen’s marketing presentation definitely added value and substance to our Business & Technology Expo. Her fun and energetic style was a hit with participants. Ellen provided some great tips that will help businesses focus their limited resources and bring more customers in the door."

Brad Bodenhausen
Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce


"Ellen is one of the most interesting and energetic trainers I have ever seen. She successfully took a rather dry topic and made it interesting. She engaged the group in the training more than anyone I have ever seen! She has great rapport with contractors. Ellen was so good we are already planning an expanded program next year."

Sara Heger
NOWRA Education Chair


"The best business course I’ve taken. So informative. Very personal. Simplified format that everyone can understand. There are various options offered to aid in your business…I’d recommend it to every business owner."

Rhonda Anderson
Southern Ohio Sanitation


“Even after 35 years in business, I still learned a lot. Interesting and fun, you learn even if you are not trying. Her examples hit home. She made you get involved. Her husband was a plumber. They worked for peanuts until they began doing the things she preaches. It’s made of lived experience. Highly recommended, I would do it again.”

Gary Burnett
Burnett Septic Services


"The most important part of business is to know if you are making money, or not. Ellen makes analyzing the numbers interesting, understandable…and fun! This course is good for people in service work – they need to understand all of their costs. I’d go again"

Bill Shank
Spoerr Precast Concrete


"Thanks for the great seminars at the National Chimney Sweep Guild Convention. I was wondering what it was that would make it worth going to a casino! I am the fellow with the beard that sat in the first row. I will repeat that yours is the first financial seminar, of many, that I have gone to where I have come out feeling better that when I went in. You are able to give hard advice about finance and do it from the heart. There is hope for me!"

Ian R. Conway
The Chimney Doctor


"Ellen covers things that you need to pay attention to. I’ve been in business for myself for 25 plus years. Her program is very informative and well worth it. I wish my wife could have been there with me."

Ron Robinson
Meadow Brook Excavating


"The most important part of business is to know if you are making money, or not. Ellen makes analyzing the numbers interesting, understandable…and fun! This course is good for people in service work – they need to understand all of their costs. I’d go again."

Bill Shank
Spoerr Precast Concrete


"The neat thing about this workshop was it addressed what every contractor has experienced when attending a workshop or a seminar. They typically went to a seminar and got a great idea only to wonder whatever happened to that great idea 6 months later. But, not this time! The whole workshop was built to get things changed!"

Pete Duesterbeck
Mid State Supply, Inc.