Financial Basics and Budgeting Workshop!

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How to Budget Your Small Business

Making money can be easy!

Setting your budget is simple. Demystify financial reports, set financial goals, create a rockin’ selling price.

  • We’ll review the Balance Sheet, the Profit and Loss, and how to make more money!
  • Profitability vs. Cashflow…Let’s clear it up.
  • Simple Selling Price Strategy.
  • Set Goals for 2014…and Keep Score to Make More!
  • Let’s do it together!  Interactive LIVE Webinar.
  • Includes Budgeting form with a Selling Price Calculator

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Pay only $19.95 for…

  • The Live Workshop
  • Bonus Q&A Session
  • Downloadable Forms…

The live presentation allows you to participate, engage in the Q & A, and we will be recording the program.   The recording helps reinforce the key points and you can watch again and again at your convenience. (If you cannot attend the live presentation, we’ll send you the link to download all the forms and the Workshop recording.)

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