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Business Tip: Intend, Act, Measure, Repeat. Faster!

Perhaps my recent birthday has something to do with today’s business building message. We are too old to waste time.  That may not “land” if you are in your twenties.  However, it seems like I was 20 years old about … Continue reading

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Finding Fulfillment in the Ho Hum of Everyday Life

Special guest, Milan Vasic, Executive Producer of Evergreen Oasis Entertainment and I discuss finding fulfillment in the ho hum of everyday life. Once upon a time, Milan worked for me as a waiter when I was a restaurant manager. He … Continue reading

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How to Look Discouragement in the Eye

In business, you will have days where the plan, well, just takes too long. Or you have unexpected road blocks. No worries! That’s where the good stories come from. And, that’s when you count on your success skills to help you overcome disappointment and … Continue reading

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The Biz Plan Challenge Informational Webinar

In this webinar, I explain my upcoming program, The Biz Plan Challenge.  I answer questions that may help you determine if The Biz Plan Challenge is a good fit for you! What’s The Biz Plan Challenge About? Get a clear … Continue reading

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Everyday Success Tips: Small Effort = BIG Impact

Dayna Steele and I chat it up about rock star business principles and her new book, 101 Ways to Rock Your World: Everyday Activities for Success Every Day. You can make small changes and reap BIG results.  Dayna has interviewed … Continue reading

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Why Go Green?

See these handsome fellows to the left?  No, it’s not a poster for the film Benjamin Buttons.  It’s Max and Hot Rod, my son and husband.  These two are the “green-est” guys I know.  They love to save energy.  They … Continue reading

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The Power of Gratitude!

Watch this free business building webinar as special guest, Lori Saitz and I discuss “The Power of Gratitude.” Lori lives and breathes this classic business strategy: Be thankful. Let your customers know how much you love them. I know I fall down on … Continue reading

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Publicity is Like Marketing…Only Better.

Publicity happens when someone other than you talks about you.  So, it’s more credible, right off the bat.  And it is usually free, which is really neat. You can increase the odds that someone else will notice you. And you … Continue reading

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[Webinar] Last Minute Tax Advice for Your Small Business

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Would you go into the backcountry without a plan?

Once upon a time, I was a professional a ski patroller. I was part of an avalanche “control” team. I use the word “control” loosely because when it comes to avalanches, I know a couple things. #1: you are never … Continue reading

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