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The Twinkie Takedown

Denny’s, Papa John’s, Hostess Twinkie…These companies highlight concerns about government regulation, intervention, and growing fears about the impact of healthcare costs. As Hostess employees look for new jobs, let’s start a conversation about what this mean to YOU? Let’s start … Continue reading

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5 Easy Ways to Rekindle the Passion for Your Business

Daylight Savings Time just ended. It’s 5 pm and dark outside.  All you want to do is go home and watch reruns of Modern Family.  I get it.  It takes energy and fizz and a sense of purpose to get up … Continue reading

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How to Look Discouragement in the Eye

In business, you will have days where the plan, well, just takes too long. Or you have unexpected road blocks. No worries! That’s where the good stories come from. And, that’s when you count on your success skills to help you overcome disappointment and … Continue reading

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5 Financial Survival Tips for the Suddenly Single

Perhaps you’ve opted for the stay-at-home lifestyle. You can get by on one person working and you are prioritizing children and family. Very cool! However, are you putting yourself at risk financially? Stuff happens. What if you were suddenly single? … Continue reading

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Why Go Green?

See these handsome fellows to the left?  No, it’s not a poster for the film Benjamin Buttons.  It’s Max and Hot Rod, my son and husband.  These two are the “green-est” guys I know.  They love to save energy.  They … Continue reading

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The Solyndra Shame

In 2011, a solar panel manufacturer in California named Solyndra filed for bankruptcy and left 1,000 workers jobless. Solyndra would have been just been the story of a company that tried to develop a unique non-silicone photovoltaic panel and hit … Continue reading

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The Power of Gratitude!

Watch this free business building webinar as special guest, Lori Saitz and I discuss “The Power of Gratitude.” Lori lives and breathes this classic business strategy: Be thankful. Let your customers know how much you love them. I know I fall down on … Continue reading

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The Secret Power of Gratitude for Business Today

How a simple “thank you” can increase your revenue Economic times being what they are, business people are leaving no stone unturned in search of revenue generating ideas. While the days of lavish parties and expensive junkets may be over, … Continue reading

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Do Business Owners Know What Their Customers Want?

Research Shows 90% Do Not… What customers value most changes constantly, and the pace of change has increased exponentially with the economic recession. The businesses who become relevant by addressing what customers really value at any given time will be … Continue reading

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Be Making Money by Monday

Figure out how to sell something – a product or service – for more than it costs to create it, and you manufacture money out of nothing. Sells stuff for more than it costs. Create profits. Collect the cash. Pass … Continue reading

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